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Friday June 1st


A people’s choice award show for the live streaming community

About the Streaming Awards

The 2018 Streaming Awards recognize talented members of the live streaming community in a people choice voting system. Nominations for the 2018 Streaming Awards come from the live streaming community, Broadcasting Facebook groups and show floor recommendations from the 2018 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. An 21st-century audience response voting system will display the results of the people choice on a live stream dashboard available on YouTube 2 weeks leading up to the live event. The YouTube Live API will be used to incorporate live audience chat messages into the broadcast and special guest from our favorite nominees will be invited on the show from around the world to present the awards. The first annual Streaming Awards is sponsored by PTZOptics, NewTek, Wirecast, Telestream, Osprey Video, xKeys, mimoLive and HuddleCamHD. 
This event will, of course, be streamed online. But, we are also hosting an all-day event at the PTZOptics world headquarters in Downingtown, PA. We are inviting 30 lucky guests to come into our office for a live viewing of the show, full day of streaming discussions, in-house giveaways, food, drinks, product demos, industry leader presentations, and more! The best part, it’s all FREE! Just find a way to get here, and the rest is on us. Enjoy a day with Paul, Tess, and the rest of our team, and maybe make a whole weekend out of it by bringing the family and touring Philadelphia!
Nominees for the 2018 Streaming Awards will be displayed publically. Nominations for the 2018 Streaming Awards show will be accepted until Friday June 1st, 2018 at 11AM PST 2PM EST. The final nomination list will be presented on a YouTube Live exclusive stream from PTZOptics Friday June 1st, 2017 at 11AM PST 2PM EST. At this time, a press release will be published and voting will commence. Only one vote per person will be accepted using Google Forms email authentication process.
The Grand Prize Winner will have their choice of any PTZOptics camera including 12X or 20X SDI or USB Gen 2 models. Second Place will win a Wirecast Pro License. Third place will win a Osprey Capture Card hdmi to USB 3.0. Fourth and Fifth place will win 1-year licenses for MimoLive Professional. Sixth place will win an XKeys 24 button live stream controller. Seventh place will win a Newtek Connect Pro or choice of any NDI plugin and all nominees will win a pack of 20 virtual sets! Everyone in chat room wins YouTube API chat room plugin with chat storage for WordPress.

People's Choice Voting System


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All About Live Streaming


I have been watching the Tom Sinclair, Streaming Idiots, show for about a year now. I absolutely love it!

Solesky Melchizedek

The CHSLive Crew is an all student crew that produces top notch live streams for athletic events across the state of Ohio.

Jon Sauders

I would like to nominate Krishna De the creator and co-host of the 'Live Stream Insiders' as best female co-host. It is probably one of the longest serving (perhaps the only) weekly show in Europe on the topic of live video news and best practice and is watched by broadcast professionals, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in live video.

Brian De-Alker

The 12th End Sports Network produces content for the 2017 USA Curling National Championships and tripled its audience from the previous season for this event due to great on-air play-by-play, outstanding camera work and overall production.

Terry Davis

I'd like to nominee Best live stream collaboration as a new category so I can vote for WOLS & vMix. The collaboration between those two made vMix Call better and was a fantastic collaboration between end users and creators.

Rudy Engles

The Crossroads Church , Senior Pastor Lowell McNaney, has a great live worship and positive messages based on God's Word.

Danny Greene

Live Sports Streaming for Greek A2 Basketball league. We made the production for Eurohoops TV youtube channel. One of our best streams is the final match, between Panionios and Doukas.

Tassos Koutsom

Disney themed podcast that my co-host and I run. We have partnered with some sponosrs who have help grown our audience and feel we are an up and coming show inside a very small niche market.

Uncle Danny

My liveshow #EnVivoConMeryland goes live on Facebook weekly. We bring diverse guests to share stories that educate, motivate and inspire others. The show is in Spanish and it is a new platform to showcase those stories that need to be shared and at the same time keep you entertained.

Meryland Cuevas

Using cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality audio and video for Live Sporting events worldwide. LiveSports has not only pushed the envelope but broke through to the other side. Using 4K cameras and robotic heads, LiveSports produces more live professional tennis matches than any other production company in North America. Selected again as the North American production partner by IMG, LiveSports provides consistent TV Broadcast level production for the ATP Challenger Series and tour events.

Jeff Kethley

Nominate the Pulling Radio Network. This group was the first to LIVE stream truck & tractor oulling across the US and Canada and from Europe!

Ray Tylutki

Vicky Lashenko- host of Mompreneur Show! Her authenticity shines through her show and does a wonderful job interview her guests and including the audience!

Laysha de la Parra

Host of the weekly FB live show #LittleWhiteLie. Each week she invites guests on to share tips and strategies for Loving The Age You're In. Topics include: media, technology, image, retirement, mortality, aging and beauty. Some of her guests have included media personalities, celebrity stylists, thought leaders and boomer coaches

Caren Glasser

Jayson Bates does a great streaming show daily on Real Estate topics. Every day has a different theme. Show is Called 22 minutes with Jayson and Stephen. On Facebook, Youtube, and periscope

Stephen Cotton

Philadelphia City All-Star Football Game covered and streamed by The Sports Fan Base Network on Facebook LIVE and then uploaded to Youtube. This game covers the top high school football players in and around Philadelphia and separates them into two teams: Public league vs Non-Public league players. They battle it off in the annual Philadelphia City All-Star Football Game. This was the Sports Fan Base Networks's first real crack at using Wirecast for athletic, real-time replays in their setup

Julian Bellman

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